No Meaner Place will highlight writers and writing that for one reason or another have been pushed aside, shoved to the curb, and abandoned; wonderful scripts that have never made it to the big screen or to the small screen in series form.  Some of them were produced to pilot, poorly, some were entirely ignored, some were too original, some were, well who knows what they were…but all of them deserved better fates.  During my many years reading and recommending scripts, projects and writers to David Kelley, I read thousands of script submissions, books, short stories and plays, and among them were some truly terrific potential projects.  It is my intention to be entirely positive and only write about scripts that transported me, in one way or another; I will not write about bad or mediocre scripts.

My source for writer credits, for the most part, will come from the Baseline Studio System program and internet database available by subscription.

It is my hope to bring fresh attention to projects that have been shoved aside by the networks or studios that originally approved the projects. I want to try to bring attention back to the excellent writers and writing that is already out there –  recreate a buzz and a reminder of what still could be.


"Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision."

- Salvador Dali